7 Best Mini ITX cases on Amazon – All Time Best 2021


The “size does not matter” statement seems to have gained more and more value when we talk about the Best Mini Itx Cases especially in the world of PC gaming. It is not uncommon for small constructions from ITX to DTX, passing through large micro-ATXs, to impose their dominance on those looking for something more (or rather, less?) Then assembly experience.

Companies are responding very positively to this small revolution, with more models of ITX and DTX motherboards, as well as more suggestions for cases, heatsinks, video cards, and even processors suitable for the mini-universe of mini-PCs. However, with speeds of just under dollars from some companies, prices for advisory homes are still high. There are many solutions, but since the world of ITX is more complex and precise, it would be better to spend well rather than go for savings.

The guide that follows only deals with homes available on Amazon, then we’ll look at content in other guides that can be found on other platforms or sideways.

List of best mini itx cases

1. NZXT H1 – Aesthetic Award


  • Dimensions: 388mm x 187mm x 188mm
  • CPU cooler: 140 mm (included)
  • Video card length: Official 286mm (supports up to 300mm)
  • Power supply: 650 W SFX-L

Let’s start with a bombshell, perhaps notoriety for this case, which has recently been pointed out by gamers regarding the PCIe Riser included in the First Edition (now retired) by Nexus Channel. , Has talked a lot about himself.

Aside from this – serious – problem, the H1 is a very interesting ITX case. At the exceptional price, you get not only a case but also a 650 W SFX power supply and a 140mm AIO liquid cooler, plus the infamous PCIe Riser (now replaced). It comes with an attractive aesthetic and vertical layout.

Internal mounting solutions are very “on the rails” that allows a linear and easy assembly process compared to many ITX homes. Silently adjusts video cards up to 300mm. (Although 285 mm is reported on the site). There are no fans in the case, so you should not do more than the blood you want to insert unless you have the best balance between undervolt, fan modulation, and CPU and video card. Ideal for those who are looking for a well-known NZXT aesthetic and want to explore the ITX world without much hassle. In addition, exterior bulkheads – as in other NZXT homes – are easily removable and repairable.

Unfortunately, this is hard to find right now due to controversy and market withdrawal but will be back to an updated version soon. You can check it’s upgraded model by clicking the link below.

2. Ssupd Meshlicious


  • Dimensions: 245mm x 166.4mm x 360mm
  • CPU cooler: up to 280mm (63mm thickness)
  • Video card length: up to 336 mm (4 slot mode), 332 mm (3 slot mode)
  • Power supply: ATX, SFX-L, SFX

SSUPD, which means sunny-side-up design, is Lian Li’s sister company. Both brands are working in the homeworld, but the newcomer’s focus is on Mini-ITX. And 14.67 liters with excellent results.

The Meshlicious presents itself as a small vertical extension ITX case, much appreciated by international critics. As an important point, it has a complete Mishata structure, which likes the flow of air and gives the product its own name. Alternatively, we can choose the version with tempered glass on one side.

Unlike many other ITX cases, the Meshlichius has room to allocate up to 280mm standard heat sinks (including 63mm thick fans). Video cards are also particularly free, with 4 slots and a length of up to 336 mm. As an alternative to the radiator, you can also install 2 120 mm or 140 mm fans to support the work of the internal components.

Also a small note of the value for the SSUPD team, which has made 3D printing projects available to customers for free, to further customize their ITX case. In this case, we will be able to print brackets for 2 120 mm radiators, for a side fan, or to change the support fit of the case according to your needs.

Wide customization and better pricing can be found on the original site, but being in the United States you may encounter customs.

3. Silverstone SST-SG13WB or SUGO SG13


  • Dimensions: 222 x 181 x 285 mm, 11.5 liters
  • CPU cooler: up to 140 mm
  • Video card length: up to 330mm
  • Power supply: ATX, SFX-L, SFX

This little Silverstone house makes it into our rankings because of the features it offers at an extremely low price: less than 55 euros. Very few ITX homes can be kept within this price range without committing too much sin.

It has a rectangular design, very compact with a volume of 11.5 L, which is already positioned in very small cases such as the NZXT H1. Airflow is guaranteed by the possibility of inserting a 120 or 140 mm fan in place of the radiator of the potential AIO liquid system for the CPU. In that case, we only have to choose a CPU cooler less than 61 mm.

General features, minimal design, and compact size make it particularly attractive.

4. Silver Stone Raven ARGB – Vertical Extension


  • Dimensions: 382 x 105 x 364 mm, 14.6 liters
  • CPU cooler: No, only air (83mm)
  • Video card length: up to 330mm
  • Power supply: ATX, SFX-L, SFX

From Silverstone – a Taiwanese house that is highly regarded for its versatile cases and power supply – comes another vertical case, available in two colors (black and white). The case rejects the extension in favor of vertical development. This allows you to position the components without much hassle and without affecting the airflow. Specially designed for aerial construction, this case has been successful over the years due to its resemblance to modern consoles in size and shape. Also mentioned is the NZXT H1. The front led strip allows for further customization. Ideal for people looking for a slimmer case, maybe for a place that isn’t too big. Includes 2 small sizes, 15mm thick PWM fans.

5. Cooler Master NR200 and NR200P


  • Dimensions: 376 x 185 x 292 mm
  • CPU cooler: up to 240 mm
  • Video card length: up to 330mm
  • Power supply: ATX, SFX-L, SFX
  • Available colors: white, black, pink, purple, orange, blue

Cooler Master has recently launched this small ITX case, which is enjoying great success after the technical flop of the H100i, which is a mini version of the huge H500i. Costing less than 100 euros, the CM case comes with the ability to customize the side bulkhead by choosing between mesh or glass. In addition, it allows you to customize the bottom foot with a 3D printer. (Plans are included on the site, but nothing prevents us from designing according to our preferences).

This case is notable for its successful attempt to reduce assembly difficulty in homes with “sandwich” designs, ie crushing all components in the horizontal corridor. Its toll-free formula and ability to completely isolate the case make it ideal for ITX beginners who do not want to spend too much on the case. Available in black, white, and curious “Sakura”, in pink with a floral theme. Purple, orange, and light blue have also been added recently.

6. LOUQE Ghost S1 Mk III – Premium


  • Dimensions: 188 x 140 x 322 mm
  • CPU cooler: No.
  • Video card length: up to 330mm
  • Power supply: ATX, SFX-L, SFX
  • Available colors: limestone, ash

Let’s get to the main dish. For fans, this case is a standard of excellence and costs only H1 for the case. Thanks to its fully modular design, it delights the assembly and opens up endless possibilities, including the possibility of a complete custom loop with some sacrifices. Its colors are unique: limestone and ash.

Slightly different in colors than the market average. The case is made of individual blocks made entirely of aluminum and made entirely of handicrafts. In fact, it’s amazing to see it on a mainstream platform like Amazon IT. As a demonstration of attention to detail on this product, LOUQE Ghost S1 Mk III recently launched PCIe Riser Gen. 4 is connected.

The strong influence and potential of this case are demonstrated by the recent collaboration with Noctua of Austria for the NH-L12 Ghost S1 Edition, designed specifically for this case.

Its popular sandwich design has been picked up by dozens of competitors, both artistic and industrial, which defines a real quality and a series of clones. Definitely recommended for those who are looking for real ITX experience, but keep in mind that high cost sets the stage for high-end construction.

7. Thermaltech Tower 100

Best Mini ITX cases pic last


  • Dimensions: 245mm x 166.4mm x 360mm
  • CPU cooler: up to 140 mm
  • Video card length: up to 330mm
  • Power supply: ATX, SFX, SFX-L
  • Color: white – black

We conclude our first ranking and buying guide with a special case of Thermaltake for the world of small ITXs. It can be immediately seen from the pictures that this small tower is not similar to any previous house and that is why it has made a place in the ranking.

ITXs are not only minimalist designs but they are also “on the show”. The issue is more than that: watching. It displays all the useful and beautiful ingredients thanks to its 3 glass bulkheads. The blending of perforated metal and glass is incredibly beneficial for aesthetics, turning a blind eye to the decisive implications of this case for it to be in the ITX category.

Cable management is comfortable, with a rear bulkhead and large spaces below. Recommended for those who are looking for a beautiful looking case. However, we recommend it with constructions that are not too strong to withstand too much pressure.

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