Why does my laptop keep disconnecting from wifi


Why does my laptop keep disconnecting from wifi? In many cases, we have problems with wireless networks. We connect and the signal is weak, or the speed is not what we want. However, the second time we can’t even communicate or we are constantly disconnected. In this article, we are going to talk about it. We are going to explain why Wi-Fi is disconnected in Windows. Let’s take a look at the root causes and what we can do to avoid them.

Laptop Disconnects from Wifi

Today, most of our communications are via Wi-Fi. We have a large number of devices that connect wirelessly without the use of cables. This is great because they are more comfortable, more versatile and we can use them anywhere. However, they can also cause stability, speed, or quality problems.

Sometimes Wi-Fi can be disconnected in Windows 10. As we know it is the most used operating system on desktop computers. This is a problem because it cannot allow us to function properly. Let’s see what the root causes are, since it is so common that we can easily solve them.

Restart the router or access point.

Another of the basic solutions we can try is to restart the router or the access point to which we are connected. Sometimes there are problems with this device that can be solved by turning it off and on again. In the case of a router, we must hold it off for at least 30 seconds and then turn it on. So we will do a proper reboot.

Check that the signal is correct.

Of course, one of the main reasons is the lack of coverage. We need to make sure that the signal we receive is sufficient to connect to Wi-Fi without the hassle of shutting down.

Sometimes the signal only arrives because our router or access point is too far away. Fortunately, we can try to improve it using PLC devices, repeaters, or Wi-Fi mesh systems. We can always try to improve coverage and fix potential issues.

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Change Wi-Fi band.

Another problem could be the band we are using. As we know, modern routers usually have the option to connect to the 2.4 GHz band and 5 GHz band. The former is better when we are connected too far from the access point and are less sensitive to distances, obstacles, and walls. However, 5 GHz is ideal for maximum speeds.

It is possible that we are associated with a band that is less suitable for use depending on the circumstances. We need to look at this and see if Wi-Fi is disconnected for this reason. We can always keep it for automatic band connection or manual selection.

Forget the network

Sometimes this type of problem is solved in the easiest way. One thing we can try to do is forget about the network. We have to go to the internet icon on the taskbar at the bottom right, select the network to which we are connected, click the second mouse button, and forget the network.

We’ll just need to contact you again later, re-enter the password you requested and that’s it. So we could solve that problem.

Update network drivers.

It is important that we always have the latest version of our devices or software that we use. On the one hand, we are going to get a better performance like this, but we can also fix the security flaws. Sometimes there are vulnerabilities that hackers can take advantage of to launch their attacks.

So, if we lack Wi-Fi, all we can do is update the network drivers. For this we go to Start, we write Device Manager and follow it. We go to the network adapter, select the Wi-Fi card, click the other button and update the driver.

Using an amplifier to resolve Why does my laptop keep disconnecting from wifi

Are we using an amplifier and it bothers us? Maybe it’s not well-organized or we don’t have it optimized as it should be. We should consider the importance of using the various options you have so that you can offer the best possible coverage.

If we do not have an amplifier, we may consider using it. This is another way to improve the wireless network in our home and thus avoid Wi-Fi cuts in Windows. We have a wide range of possibilities to suit our needs.

Check that there is no malware on the system.

We must also keep in mind the importance of keeping the goods safe. Having malware on our devices, no matter what, can compromise performance and performance. It can also be reflected in the speed of Wi-Fi. We may have difficulty connecting, there may be instability, there may be cuts …

We must use safety equipment. Having a good anti-virus can prevent the entry of malicious software that could endanger our computers. We have both free and paid options available.

Too many devices connected.

This is probably not a problem we face at home. Normally, our routers have the capacity to provide connections to all the household appliances we connect. However, this can be a problem that happens to us when we are connected to a public network, such as a library or an airport. In this case, it may be that too many users are connected at the same time and this may cause Wi-Fi to be cut off or it may work too slowly.

Modern routers are capable of connecting multiple computers at the same time. However, overuse of equipment can damage stability and cause cuts when trying to communicate. So, this is another issue that we should consider if we are going to face this issue.

In short, these are some of the steps we can take if we see that our Wi-Fi network is disconnected in Windows 10. Here are some simple and quick ways we can try to solve something that is very popular among consumers.

Applications that use more data.

We use data when we are away from home. Certainly, you have ever exceeded the agreed rate (if you are one of those who still do not have an unlimited rate) or are on the verge of it. On many occasions, you may wonder why, with one use, most basic, rates are lost. And there are many mobile applications that use data in an exaggerated way, or at other times, if you don’t use them, they use resources directly in the background.

For example, data from WhatsApp, Instagram, or Twitter is used in the background to send you notifications in case of updates. However, if we are connected to Wi-Fi, this will not be a problem with the use of mobile data. That’s why, if you don’t have an unlimited rate of data, it will be easier to deactivate the data in the background so that the data can be saved and know which applications use the most megabytes. Do

Facebook, always massive

This is the app that takes the cake. The one that uses the most data in all applications. This will continue to work, as we have said, if we do not disable this option in the background, we will continue to send notifications from our contacts. In addition, the excessive load of content in the feed, such as news, photos, videos, and other content, makes it necessary to pull data in order to be able to deliver all that content when it enters the app.

A lighter option, but more rigorous. This application is called Facebook Lite and its interface is softer and less glossy, but its consumption is rapidly reduced. And yes, don’t worry, it’s official from Facebook.


Coincidentally, this is part of the Facebook company? Well, it’s the second largest user of data on our phones, just like Facebook. In both applications, as we mentioned, the videos and images that require more data consumption are constantly loaded, as well as working in the background to continue sending you notifications. And keep collecting information.


Of course, watching videos is one of the reasons most people run out of data. Used videos use a lot of data which we reproduce some of them. Obviously, the more resolution videos we use, the higher the data consumption. The same applies to Netflix, another major user of data, which always broadcasts in HD signal.


Listening to music doesn’t seem to use data, or at least not enough. Lying. Spotify uses a large amount of data because songs are played locally in OGG format at 160 kbps quality, not MP3. Be quiet, because it’s possible to change the quality of the music you listen to via the Settings menu so that it doesn’t use up so much that at the end of the month it will leave you free of charge. Or, with a premium plan, you can download music and listen to it offline.

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