What kind of Laptop Do i Have in 2022

what kind of laptop do i have

There are many reasons you might end up thinking what kind of laptop do I have? What is its model number, how much RAM, and what generation of processor it has, or other specifications of the Laptop? You might need to know the specs of your laptop to meet the requirements of the game or software you want to download, or maybe, you might need to get a new one more upgraded. Whatever the case is – here you got a guide on how to check the model and specs of a laptop. In this guide, we go through some basic and easily doable steps by which you can find your answers about your laptop specifications.

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Find your laptop’s model number:

The model number of the laptop can help you find the required drivers of your laptop on official laptop company websites which will obviously be useful for you because the drivers are really important, and it will also help you find troubleshooting information.

Luckily in most of the laptop, it is pretty easy to find the model number. Here are some steps you can do:

1) Just flip your laptop upside-down and somewhere at the bottom of the laptop you will see a logo of the company and text written with it which is often your model number 

But if that is not working in your case you can just remove the back cover of the laptop and find  the model number but in these cases, though it will be easier to just find the model number in a control panel and following these simple steps:

  • Type “system information” into the search bar at the bottom of your screen. Click the System Information app that appears in the search bar.
  • See the system model tab in it.
  • This will give you the information about your laptop and you will easily be able to find the model listed here.

Check your laptop’s processor information and generation:

Processor information can be very useful for persons who need to run some heavy software and need to divide his/her work into the different cores of the processor.

The steps are as follows:

1) Open file explorer which you can find on the taskbar of the desktop.

2) Right-click on “my computer” and select the “properties” option in it

3) Here you can find the generation, cores, and other information of the processor.

Check Your CPU:

Finding out what CPU you have is very straightforward in windows 10.

1) Right-click on the Windows button in the lower-left corner. A list of options will appear.

2) Click on “System.” It should be in the middle section.

3) You should now be on an “about” page. Roughly half-way down, you will find a section called “Device Specifications.” The CPU your laptop has will be listed next to the “processor” in this section.

4) You can also find out how much RAM you have on the “Device Specifications” page.

Check How Much RAM You Have:

The methods mentioned above will also lead you to the RAM information but here we have a totally different method to find the information of your RAM in three simple steps :

1) Right-click on the Window’s Start button at the bottom of your computer screen.

2) Select the “system” option in the menu that appears.

3) You will now be on an “about” page. Scroll down slightly, and you’ll see a section titled “Device specifications.” The amount of RAM you have is under that. Typically, it is labeled as “installed RAM.”

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