What is the Most Common Pointing Device on Laptops?

what is the most common pointing device on laptops

What is the Most Common Pointing Device on Laptops? Pointing (or pointing) devices are a type of input peripherals with a human interface that allows us to interact with computer programs and combine objects visible on the screen.

Within pointing devices, we can highlight these common examples:

  • Mouse or mouse
  • Trackball mouse
  • Laptop touchpad
  • Graphics drawing tablets
  • Track point button on laptop
  • Optical pencil
  • Keyboard (if used to move the pointer)

What is a computer pointing input device?

A pointing device is a type of input interface that allows the cursor to move and insert multidimensional data into a computer. It works through a series of movements applied to the hardware, which is reflected in the monitor cursor, enabling it to point, drag or click the folder, among other functions.

Using a pointing device on a computer, you can connect anything easily and quickly, for example by selecting an icon from the list.

Why are pointing devices input devices?

Pointing devices are responsible for sending information and data to the computer, both of which are able to move the cursor quickly and play video games. In the process, they never receive information from the PC, and this turns them into input devices.

What is the most common pointing peripheral?

For computers, although there are different pointing devices, the most common is the mouse and so far. Usually “moving the cursor” is directly related to the mouse. If we talk about laptops, the most used pointing device is the touch panel (touchpad).

As far as smartphones and tablets are concerned, the finger is the most used gesture device on touch screens.

Types of What is the Most Common Pointing Device on Laptops?


The mouse is the hardware needed to use computer programs at full speed. There are different types of mice, with different sizes and functions, but basically, they are responsible for moving the cursor to point at anything on the screen.

Graphics tablets

A graphics tablet is an input device that converts information from styles to screens and is used to create artistic designs. It allows you to manually create images, graphics, and animations using a type of pen pressed on the surface of the tablet.

Laptop touchpad

A touchpad, or touch panel, is a gesture device that applies to laptops and some keyboards. It has a touch sensor on the flat surface, which allows it to translate every movement of the user’s fingers on the screen and it does not need to use an external mouse (as it has left and right-click buttons). ۔

Track ball

A trackball is a stationary pointing device, similar to a mouse, with a ball supported by a sensor, which detects every rotation and sends a signal to the computer. There are two main types; One that runs with the thumb, and the other that moves the trackball with the index and middle fingers, because of the position of the ball.

Optical pencil

The stylus is a pen-shaped instrument that changes the function of the mouse. They are mostly wireless and work on batteries from PC to USB receivers. Unlike the stylus on tablets, it does not interact with the screen to send information to the computer, but with the desk table.

Laptop track point

TrackPoint is a cursor control device located between the G, H, and B keys on some keyboards. Introduced by IBM in 1992, it is red in color and allows you to move the pointer without removing your hand from the laptop keyboard.

Indicating devices according to their contact level

Touch screen

A touch screen is a display input device that allows the user to communicate with a computer using their fingers or stylus. This type of device does not require other input peripherals (such as keyboard or mouse) for its operation. Although it looks like a normal screen, it is made up of a series of layers, which are responsible for inserting information at each touch input.

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