What do Gaming Glasses Do While Playing 2022

what do gaming glasses do

What do gaming glasses do? PC gaming glasses don’t let you put pressure on your eyes. Here’s what they are and how to use them.

If you enjoy gaming or work long hours in front of a PC every day, you will often experience headaches and eye problems.

Personally, I work long hours at the computer and I must say that dryness and redness in the eyes has always been a problem, as well as the rare headache that stays with me till evening. The main cause of these problems is the light coming out of the computer screen as well as smartphones, tablets, and TVs.

The light emitted from the display can be divided into different spectra depending on the wavelength. There are visible and invisible spectra, especially the latter, including the ultraviolet (UV) range.

If you are exposed to blue-violet light as opposed to UV light, you can injure and damage the human eye, as this light also reaches the retina.

In addition, this light can interfere with your sleep / waking cycle, disrupting your rest if it is exposed to radiation, especially in the evening. That’s why it’s important to protect yourself when you spend a lot of time on your computer.

The following image shows the wavelength and intensity. As you can see, some waves are able to reach the deepest part of the eye structure.

Are Gaming Glasses Worth it, Really?

To counter the blue light emitted from the screen, you can use gaming glasses, which are actually very suitable not only for those who play on PC, but also for those who work.

PC glasses significantly reduce blue light, limiting the harmful spectrum.

Some studies have attributed all the disruptions caused by computers to the so-called Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). This syndrome is very common, in fact it only takes 2 hours a day.

It is accompanied by red and burning eyes with burning or stinging, watery and itchy eyes, tired, blurred and cloudy eyes, headache, stiffness, and pain in neck and shoulders. If you spend many hours on your computer then surely you have experienced these symptoms at least once.

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As shown in the graph below on the right, there is a significant reduction in blue light-related components using PC glasses.

To minimize eye damage and any malfunction, you should first periodically suspend computer activity, and you also need to blink several times, because when you are on PC it Instinct is very limited.

do gaming glasses work

It causes inevitable problems and dry eyes with redness.

On Amazon you can find different glasses to use on your computer. The feature of these lenses is the amber color which filters out the harmful blue light part, which significantly reduces the problems mentioned above.

Using these glasses can significantly improve your eye health, limiting dryness and even headaches. They are also ideal for those who work late into the evening, as the blue light affects the sleep and waking cycle.

The gaming and anti-glare glasses design is simple and elegant, they are lightweight and suitable for any type of face, so they can be worn by adults and children.

What do gaming glasses do when you have lenses

If you already wear prescription glasses, you can wear gaming lenses on your prescription glasses depending on the frame. There are several immediate benefits to using PC glasses:

  • The amber color presents more contrast to the image, eliminating the reflection and glare caused by the screen.
  • Blue light is mercilessly dimmed, improving the overall condition of your eyes. At the end of the evening the eyes are much more relaxed and less red.
  • There is a significant reduction in effort when reading articles, especially when browsing the web and writing documents.
  • In gaming, the sharpness of the images and the vitality of the colors are greatly enhanced.
  • They are anti-scratch, anti-fog, anti-glare and anti-flicker.

The downside of these PC glasses is the concept of colors. If you are a graphic designer and you work with images and pictures, you can lose a lot of amber color, because you will not be able to clearly distinguish different shades.

When working with graphics software, it’s best not to use glass to avoid changing what you’re doing. So if you are a graphic designer, web designer or do something similar, it is best not to use them.

Otherwise, if you work long hours on a PC, surf the internet, play games, do video editing, these glasses are definitely a good product to buy. Inside the package is a simple fabric case for storing lenses.

On Amazon you can find Nowave, PIXEL and Gunnar models. These are the best brands that have achieved great success, because they offer safe and high quality products. Here are some of the best selling models.

My experience with Nowave Gamer Glasses

I have also experienced the discomfort caused by blue light many times, followed by photophobia, or extreme sensitivity to light, even to the sun’s rays.

I was happy to test the glasses manufactured by the Italian company Nowave which is gaining great success in this field. At their site, you will find many unisex models of glass that filter blue light and offer modern and innovative designs.

The model I tried is called Buckler, and it has very soft lines. The front structure is made with TR90, a blend of nylon and carbon. Temples, on the other hand, are made of titanium, so they are highly resistant. Nowave also manufactures other models made of cellulose acetate or stainless steel.

They are really lightweight and seem quite resistant to me, ideal for storing on the table. The lenses are made of CR39, a professional material that resists abrasion and breakage unlike glass. They have UV400 protection, filter 40% blue light at 430nm and have anti-reflective treatment.

A pair of goggles, a goggle bag, a hard case, and a soft microfiber cloth are also provided for cleaning glasses.

The site has a virtual test that allows you to test different mounts using a PC webcam. In addition to neutral and non-graduate models, graduate models may also be requested.

As soon as they were worn in front of the PC screen, I experienced a slight annoyance due to the slightly amber color, due to the fine blue light filter. However, after just a few hours I immediately got used to it and was able to work without any hassle.

Blue light is very well filtered, and anti-glare treatment further helps to block light from the screen and surrounding light sources.

I spend many hours on my PC, especially writing and surfing the text, so I am constantly immersed in reflections and blue light. During the tests with these PC glasses, I noticed that at the end of the day, my eyes were significantly more comfortable and less red.

You can also find many Nowave models on Amazon.

PC Gaming Glasses: Results

If, like me, you spend many hours on the PC working or playing, and you have other symptoms due to red eyes, dry eyes, itching and blue light, I suggest you try these special glasses.

There are also people who use eye drops to moisturize and lubricate dry eyes, like these. Using these glasses will definitely improve you significantly and you can do without drops.

There is also software, such as f.lux, that reduces the blue light produced by PC monitors.

However, springs have several advantages: they can be graduated, they can be used for tablets, smartphones, TVs and some models, including UV400 certification as well as anti-reflective treatment.

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