How to Use a Laptop as a Second Monitor

how to use a laptop as a second monitor

How to Use a Laptop as a Second Monitor to fix all your problems in seconds.

If you want to extend the number of displays on your desktop and you are going to buy a separate monitor for this purpose, just stop! Just think, what if you can use your very own laptop as an external monitor. So, after reading this, you might be thinking it is as simple as attaching your laptop and desktop by the HDMI cable, but it is not that simple. Hence, let us show you how to use the computer as a second monitor without a HDMI?

And here is to use a built-in windows feature, or you can also utilize some other software built by a third party. This guide will help you out to show which software or features can help you operate your laptop as a monitor. We are also going to show you some step-by-step working of these features.


In Windows PC, the most reliable option is to use the mira cast feature. Here are some step-by-step instructions are given below:


  • On the bottom left corner of your laptop screen, you will see a start menu click on it and then select the setting icon on the left.
  • Go to system and select Projecting to the PC tab on the menu.
  • Change the 1st drop-down to available and change the other setting as per your choice.
  • Once you do it you can just go to your desktop and configure the setting on it for the usage of the laptop as a secondary screen.


  • Go into the action center on the taskbar of your screen.
  • Hit the “Connect” option in the notification menu.
  • And connect your PC by selecting it as your desktop secondary screen.
  • Now just accept the request of connection in your laptop to build two-way connectivity.
  • Then go on the desktop screen of your PC and right-click. Select Display settings from there.
  • In the menu make sure that you have selected the Extend option in multiple screen tabs.


A very less hectic and easy way to use your laptop as a secondary monitor is to utilize any third-party tool for this purpose. In order to do that you just have to download and install its driver files on your desktop PC and its viewer code file into your laptop.

By using this method your display will respond faster and without going through any hectic system configuration your secondary monitor will be good to go.


Well, by using remote desktop tools like AnyDesk or TeamViewer, you can easily use every functionality of your desktop PC on your laptop. Of course, it is different from using a computer as a monitor, but it somehow fulfills the purpose.

 This method is straightforward to use. You can follow the instructions given below, and your work will be done:

  • First, you need to download and install AnyDesk or TeamViewer on your PC and laptop. You can easily find one of the software on any torrent site.
  • When you run the software on your PC, you will find an ID written on GUI software. You just need to give this ID on the software GUI of your laptop and send a connection request.
  • Once you accept the laptop’s request, your connection will be built, and you can use your desktop PC functionalities from your computer.

You can select one of these methods according to your choice and work need. Hopefully, this article will help you achieve your goal and make your life a bit easier than before.

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