How to Ship a laptop in few Dollars in 2022


In order to know how to ship a laptop, it is important to take some precautions as these are delicate products that can be damaged during transportation, as well as have a high financial cost.

Laptops are usually easier to carry than a desktop computer, mainly because of their small size, but also because manufacturers sell them in boxes that have a lot of special considerations. To ensure that they do not break.

In the case of laptops, it is important to know what type of battery they include because if they add a lithium battery of more than 100 Wh, they cannot be shipped by air, and by ground transport. It is important to choose other means such as pregnancy. Or sea (which greatly increases the delivery time).

How to ship a Computer by mail?

A desktop computer is a device that, in most cases, has considerable dimensions and weight. Both aspects are what determine the cost of sending mail to a computer.

You must always include the cost of insurance in this shipping amount if this agreement is made. Although the second increases the cost of shipping a laptop by mail, it is interesting to know that any problems or accidents during transportation or delivery are covered.


How much does it cost to ship a laptop

When preparing a shipment of a desktop PC or notebook by mail, it is important to plan well to ensure that it reaches its destination in the right condition.

There are four important things to consider when sending a computer by mail:

  1. Choose a transport company.
    Choosing a good courier or shipping company is essential to ensure the delivery of these high-value devices. Many of these companies are accustomed to transporting computers and other types of electronic devices, so they have the experience and resources to offer quality transport and delivery services.

With a courier you can get the services of express delivery service so that the computer reaches its recipient as soon as possible (for example, if it is an e-commerce that sells the computer to the customer online).

  1. Prepare a good packaging.
    This is probably the most important point when preparing a computer or laptop for mailing, so time should be spent on preparing the packaging and providing the best protection for shipment.

Here are some points you should consider when packing your computer for mail:

Use original packaging. There is no problem if it is a new computer, but if it is a used computer then it is necessary to use the original packaging if available because the manufacturer has designed it specifically for it and it has the necessary precautions and There are correct dimensions.

Use appropriate packaging materials. Computers and laptops are devices that can be easily damaged by falls and tremors, even their own vibrations or static energy that can be generated during transportation. The use of protective materials for the manufacture of packagings such as corrugated cardboard, bubble wrap, airbags or craft paper will provide greater protection for shipment.

Seal the packaging well. Using duct tape, the box or packaging must be properly sealed to prevent the computer from leaking out during the transport process and protected until it reaches the end-user.

Label the packaging. The main reason the delivery is not in the right place and date is due to errors in the destination address. Labeling the computer’s packaging with the recipient’s data will avoid this type of transmission error, and will guarantee that the computer will reach the user on the date set at the time of purchase.

Indicate that this is a delicate product. Along with the external labeling of the packaging, it is interesting to add signs or warnings that it is a delicate product that can be damaged if it is affected, falls off or weighs too much when stacked. These guidelines will facilitate the work of logistics and transport staff who will treat the package according to its contents.

Beware of additional elements. On desktop PCs, physical separation of peripherals such as mouse, keyboard or screen is common. It is important to pack these elements well and use the elements when packing them together so that they do not harm each other due to movement and vibration during transport.

  1. Identify the destination address correctly.
    If a high-value product, such as a laptop, is lost during transportation, it will create a great deal of uncertainty and anxiety for both the customer and the online store or sender.

One way to avoid or reduce delivery errors is to verify the correct delivery address. This address must be provided to the transport company and indicated on the packaging labeling.

Verifying that the delivery address is correct before shipping a laptop will avoid the kind of problems that completely ruin the user experience.

  1. Get insurance.
    It is never a problem to take out insurance covering any issue while sending mail by computer or laptop.

This type of insurance provides a high level of protection for the buyer and can be a distinguishing factor for e-commerce in terms of competition, which is why many consumers decide to buy their computer equipment from an online store. Are

Additional insurance for sending mail to a computer does not mean a huge increase in its total cost, and in return it brings many benefits such as securing investment and gaining peace of mind (computer sender and For both recipients).

How to ship a Laptop by mail?

To send a laptop by mail, you need to know its weight. The standard 15.6 ”laptop weighs between 2 and 3 kg and includes laptop boxes for shipping and other packaging elements. Prices for this type of delivery are usually between € 12 and € 15 for national delivery, depending on the distance and the contracted company.

Deciding to mail a laptop or desktop computer seems like a risky decision. However, with due care, with good packaging, these types of electronic devices can be mailed and delivered to their destination properly.

For an e-commerce company that sells computer products and wants to offer online sales of computers and laptops, it is important that you understand the dangers of sending such delicate and expensive devices by mail. Despite the dangers of transportation, it’s safe to send a computer after the four steps we’ve discussed above.

Packaging is the key to guaranteeing the supply of the PC in the best condition, so the most recommended option is to use manufacturers’ laptop boxes for shipping and protective elements in the case of laptops, and in the case of desktops. Good packaging should be prepared using materials. Desktop computers.

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