How To Remove Graphics Card from PC in 2021


Have you ever wondered if it is possible how to remove Graphics Card? In this article, we answer this question.

  • The main difference between integrated and dedicated graphics cards and how to identify them.
  • We can change the GPU of any laptop only if it has MXM slot.
  • Why isn’t an external EGPU graphics card the best choice for upgrading a laptop.

Laptops offer us many advantages over desktop computers, such as the possibility of carrying them wherever we go, but there are some limitations when it comes to performing tasks that require high performance. Such as 3D rendering, playing video games, or your own battery instability and difficulty. Updating hardware components over time.

When designing a laptop, the main idea is portability, because it does not make much sense to make a laptop that weighs more than 10 kg, is noisy, and is difficult to transport. Therefore, they are often not designed with the possibility of updating the computer’s GPU in mind. Even gamer laptops, high-performance computers designed to perform heavy tasks, usually do not have the option to replace the graphics card.

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If you are reading this article, you may be wondering if it is possible to replace the graphics card of a laptop or notebook computer. In this guide, we review the best options we have to improve our team if possible.

How to find out if my laptop allows GPU switching.

If your laptop has an integrated GPU, forget it. The cost of replacing a soldered chip is high, expensive, and perhaps limited. Because the number of integrated GPUs that are compatible with your specific motherboard, processor, etc., is very small. In that case, you have two realistic options:

Save and invest in other tools that offer you better performance features.
Buy an external graphics card for a laptop.
To verify that your graphics are connected, visit your device manufacturer’s website and identify what type of card you’re using in the GPU section.

Is it possible to change the graphics card of a laptop?

The short answer is yes, the long answer is that it depends. That is, if you can change the graphics card of a laptop motherboard, now, most likely, you do not have the knowledge or the necessary tools to do the job. So it is not possible for ordinary people.

As I explain, the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) or graphics card is usually soldered directly to our laptop’s motherboard, just a few laptops such as Alienware M17 R3, Lenovo ThinkPad P71 Workstation, or Clevo P870DM-G , Allow. Replace the graphics card.

Any laptop that has an MXM slot for graphics cards allows us to change the GPU easily and quickly. But as I say, MXM teams are not abundant in the market. And the ones that do exist are very expensive.

Before proceeding, it is important to clarify a series of concepts that we will use later in this guide.

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What is Reballing?

Reballing, also called Ball Gray Arie (BGA), is a type of soldier. It basically consists of heating a chip until it is released, usually using a hot air gun and a vacuum tool. Remove the solder from the device and chip, place the new solder balls, and re-solder it on the board.

This is a common procedure used to replace or re-solder damaged chips that have not been soldered from the board due to overuse and high temperatures.

It requires high technical knowledge and experience. This is not a process that any user can perform.

How To Remove Graphics Card from Laptop.

As long as the manufacturer’s website identifies the MXM slot or MXM graphics card, this means that you can easily change the GPU by purchasing an MXM card to replace your laptop’s GPU. You can find graphics like GTX 980, RTX 2080, or RTX 2060.

To do this, remove the hardware from the back cover of your laptop, access its interior. Remove the GPU heat sink and remove the card from the MXM slot. Finally, install the new graphics card in the same way. Reinstall the heat sink, turn off the BIOS and access it to see if it recognizes it correctly. Finally to install the drivers.

GPU graphics cards

The GPU is the PC’s graphics processing unit, a chip that processes graphics and images through instant mathematical calculations. They are responsible for representing images, animations and videos. They can be of two types:

Integrated: As the name suggests, they are integrated GPUs in the motherboard. This is a combination of CPU and GPU. It offers us more efficient energy consumption, lower cost and smaller size. However, its performance is also low and the heat generation is much higher than a dedicated graphics card.
Dedicated: This is a free piece of hardware that connects to your computer’s motherboard via a PCIe slot. These graphics cards have their own memory, so they retain the PC’s RAM memory. They offer us high efficiency, low temperature, and high stability.

Laptops, tablets, smartphones, consoles, etc. They have graphics integrated, while desktops, workstations, and servers have graphics cards.

After clarifying this point, we move on to the next point, is it possible to replace the laptop’s integrated graphics chip? To answer this point, it is important to keep in mind the term: Reballing.

External graphics card for EGPU laptops

It is an external device (eGPU) that allows you to install a graphics card and then connect it to your laptop via a Thunderbolt 3 connection.

The performance we can achieve is minimal, as the Thunderbolt 3 is about three times slower than a traditional PCI-E connection. I know this can be a very attractive option for those users who want to get the most out of their laptops, but in reality, the performance rate we get is not comparable to the cost incurred. Are equal

Is it really worth it?

If you have an Ultrabook or a very basic laptop, you have a computer graphics card that is not already in use and you don’t mind spending between 350-600 Euros, go ahead ۔

The cost will be higher if, in addition to the EGPU unit, we have to buy a graphics card, to which we add up to about 700-1000 euros depending on the graphics card purchased. So, in the end, it would be more profitable to buy another laptop.

From my point of view, it’s not worth it, unless you already have a graphics card at home and you love your Ultrabook very much.

Conclusion of remove graphics card

As we have seen throughout the article, the idea of ​​changing your laptop’s GPU for better performance can be very tempting, but it is not as easy as it may seem and the final cost will be much higher. The performance we can achieve. Really, unless you have a very basic laptop, the real difference is very small when it comes to playing video games or 3D image processing.

I would recommend you to save this money and buy a better laptop. Looking to the future for equipment that has more upgrade options.

If, on the other hand, your laptop has an MXM slot, the story is different. In that case, I would suggest you upgrade to a graphics card that will give you better performance.

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