How to Improve Headphone Sound Quality [Fixed] 2022

How to Improve Headphone Sound Quality

Do you know How to Improve Headphone Sound Quality? If you are one of those who are obsessed with improving the sound of your headphones to listen to defined music and with the highest quality standards, we are going to give you some tips that may be key. You will immediately notice a clearer and more realistic sound.

Placement is essential

It may seem silly, but one of the essential aspects when listening to music with the best quality is the correct placement of the headphones so that they sound as they were designed to sound. First, the ear to which each one has to go. Sometimes due to neglect, or because the L (left) and R (right) that identify the side of each earphone are not detected with the naked eye, it is usual not to locate them in their place.

Depending on the type of music listened to, exchanging the channels will make or not a substantial difference in the sound, but in any case, the idea is to receive the stereo sound as it was conceived by the engineers who designed the ‘headphones’.

Alhohadillas or adapters

The second point that we want to highlight when it comes to improving the sound in any headset is the isolation, specifically the parts that are used to adapt the system to the ear. If the headphones are in-ear, we must be sure that the rubber adapter we use is the right one for our ear.

You will also have to try turning it slowly until you detect the exact place where they sound perfect. In the case of large headphones, with a cushion around the ear, precisely this piece has vital importance. Velvet ones, for example, are cheap and effective in isolating you from outside sounds and getting the sound from the speaker to reach your ears without interference. You also have to try to move them sideways and up and down little by little in search of the ideal position.

Boomstick to enhance the sound

If the placement and insulation are perfect, but the sound is still poor, we recommend that you get a specific gadget to improve the sound; Boomstick. What it basically does is acting as a connecting piece between the device that emits the music and your headphones.

It adapts to the sound of each song, improves bass, definition, and distortion control. And, in addition, it can be used with any 3.5 mm hijack the connection. It is a device that was advertised saying that it turned the headphones that come with the iPhone into Beats. And the claim is not far-fetched.

Mi Headphones Comfort: Xiaomi’s top-performing over-ear headphones

They are postulated as one of the most attractive options for those who need to work at home with family close by.
With an elegant and minimalist design, Xiaomi puts the signature to these headband-type headphones that stand out for presenting a notable improvement in the sensitivity and effectiveness of touch controls, but for their sophisticated audio dispersion system specifically designed for crowded environments in which It is difficult to have a telephone conversation or attend to any matter that requires a minimum of conversation.

Ideal for working with family close by

Teleworking has come to stay, but it is not always easy to do your best when the little ones are hanging around the house and asking you every five minutes. In those moments when you have to meet an unavoidable commitment or require maximum clarity in telephone conversations or video conferences, the Mi Headphones Comfort isolates ambient noise to redirect the sound to the main audio channel and reproduce it with maximum clarity. Thus, you do not lose detail of what they are telling you and you can concentrate on the content of the message.

On the other hand, if the conversation takes longer than expected, the Mi Headphones Comfort has fluffier pads that adapt to the contour of your ears so as not to exert more pressure than necessary, ensuring the necessary fixation but without being annoying…

The Mi Headphones Comfort has a suggested retail price of € 39.99. You can take a look at them, as well as check their full technical specifications, on the official Xiaomi website.

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