How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PS4

how to connect bluetooth headphones to ps4

Do you know How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PS4? When you play on a PS4, the audio allows you to enjoy a more pleasant and immersive experience. Likewise, it is usually better to send the audio to your headphones than to listen to it through the TV speakers. Television speakers are often of poor quality. Also, you can annoy people around you.

Connecting Bluetooth headphones to PS4 is an ideal option to enjoy your games. The only problem is the compatibility with the console. It can be difficult to sync normal wireless headsets with the PS4. For this reason, we bring you this guide on how to connect Bluetooth headphones to PS4. No matter what type of Bluetooth headset you have, you will be able to connect Bluetooth headphones to PS4 after reading this article.

How To Connect Bluetooth Headset to PS4, even the most common ones?

Can Bluetooth headphones be connected to the PS4? The simple answer is: Yes. You can connect Bluetooth headsets to PS4 to play on your console. The PS4 uses the CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association) standard, the latest technology for headphone inputs.

This means that they can work with normal Bluetooth headphones. However, this console uses a special Bluetooth version for audio and many models are not supported. With that said, you can connect them to the console by following a few simple steps.

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PS4

Can Bluetooth headphones be connected to the PS4? Can any Bluetooth headset be connected to PS4? Sony does not provide an official list of compatible Bluetooth devices. However, most Bluetooth headsets should work with the console. Some are easier to sync. In this first section, we tell you the steps to connect officially compatible Bluetooth headphones.

  • Make sure the Bluetooth headphones are charged.
  • Connect the USB Bluetooth adapter to the port on your console.
  • Turn on the headphones and put them in pairing mode. Once the blue light stops flashing and is solid blue, your headphones are connected and ready to play audio.
  • Navigate to the console settings using the control and select devices.
  • On the devices page you will see a list with all the teams that you can select. Then select Bluetooth devices.
  • Wait while the console searches for nearby Bluetooth devices. Once the headphones appear in the list, select them and wait a moment while the pairing takes place. If necessary, it will ask you to register the helmets to complete the connection.

These are the simple steps you must follow to connect Bluetooth headphones to PS4. Can Bluetooth headphones be connected to the PS4? Yes, as long as they are officially compatible with the console.

How to connect common Bluetooth headphones to PS4?

The steps in that section allow you to connect any type of Bluetooth headset to the console, including Apple AirPods. Below we tell you two options that you can try to enjoy your headphones.

S4 Remote Play app?

This option is not perfect and there is a possibility that it will not work with some games. However, it is worth it as it saves you the need to purchase a USB Bluetooth adapter. The Remote Play app basically allows you to access the PS4 through a mobile device and a WiFi connection. You can enjoy PS4 games with your phone using the controller on the screen while chatting thanks to the phone’s microphone.

  1. Download and install the PS4 Remote Play app.
  2. Activate the Remote Play function by navigating to settings and then Remote Play Connection settings. Make sure to enable the Remote Play option on the PS4.
  3. Select device and then code. You should see an eight digit code.
  4. Open the app on the phone and enter the code.

using a controller?

If the options above don’t work for you, you can also connect a Bluetooth headset using the console controller. For this, you need an audio cable with a microphone included. Many In-Ear Wireless Headphones come with this cable.

  • Connect the headphones and the PlayStation 4 controller with the audio cable and turn on the headphones.
  • Select settings at the top of the console’s home menu.
  • Click on devices and then on Bluetooth devices. Select your headphones from the list to activate them.
  • Once you activate the headphones, go to devices and select audio devices. Then select headphones connected to the controller. Click on headphone output and then select choose all audio.

Using a USB adapter?

If you don’t have an audio cable with a microphone, another option is to use a USB Bluetooth adapter .

  • Insert the USB Bluetooth adapter into the console port.
  • Select settings, devices, audio devices, device output, and select USB headphones.
  • Click on the headphone output and choose the all audio mode.


These are all the options you need to know to connect Bluetooth headphones to PS4. If this doesn’t work for you, you can check our comparison on the best PS4 headphones.

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